Finding a reliable contractor is a crucial part of any remodel, repair or preventative maintenance job.  But how do you truly know that you've found the perfect one for you if you don't know the problem you need to prevent or repair?And how do you know that the work you paid for was completed to your standards?  Finally, you can see for yourself without ever touching a ladder! 

Need an picture to file for an insurance claim or see for yourself how your materials are holding up before your warranty expires?

We can easily help you get an up close image or an all-encompassing image!  

Roof with Standing Water
Fly-Over Packages
include the following:
1 hr. Booking with Licensed Pilot
Live Aerial Views of:
Roofs, Eaves, Gutters, Chimneys, Siding, Soffit and Fascia
5 Aerial View Still Shots 
Perfect for insurance claims,
ensuring accurate performance of any contractors hired to do repairs and help to expedite estimates from contractors,
all of which will save you time and money!
Video Footage Available
Post-production videos are available for a separate and additional cost. Please contact us so we can hear all about what you'd like completed! 


* Taxes apply at a rate of .7%

*Charges may apply for locations over 15 miles away. 

* $15.00 per every 30 minutes of additional time over 1 hr. 

* Images sent through digital files within 48 hrs of completion

* Weather may affect our ability to fly on the day you booked, we will happily reschedule for any cancellations due to weather. 

* Landscaping may affect our ability to obtain a comprehensive view of all areas described above.  Please let us know before hand if you are concerned about trees, power lines, or any other obstacles affecting your Fly-Over. 

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