5 Ways Real Estate Brokers Can Benefit From Aerial Videography

Written By: Fonda Bowles,

Owner of CB Drones

1) Aerial Photography Allows for New,

All-encompassing Perspectives

Traditionally, unless you knew a helicopter pilot (or perhaps owned one yourself) you were generally out of luck when it came to capturing a bird’s eye view of any property. Up until now, marketing materials have consisted of ground shots taken around the exterior of the property depriving any potential buyers the opportunity to view surrounding amenities, location, full neighborhood views and the overall beauty of the property. Aerial Videography through the use of drones is changing all that! Now you can easily hire an FAA Certified Drone Pilot, schedule an appointment and capture stunning photos and videos of your listings, all at less than half the cost of that helicopter!

2) Enhanced Marketing = More Sales

Everyone knows the goal of marketing is to increase sales. With the Real Estate industry continuing to grow rapidly, broker’s and agents are going to have to advance with the times to stay relevant. Imagine the same home listed by two agencies, one with traditional photos and one with aerial views, according to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) statistics, the listing “with accompanying aerial images is 68% more likely to sell than properties without aerial photography.”

Which agency would you rather be?

3) Show Potential Customers You Are Always Growing

Not every home is the same and not every potential seller is looking for the same qualities when it comes to choosing an agent to list with. With aerial videography, you can easily show future clients that you are willing to do whatever it takes to sell their home fast! Aerial photos and videos provide a competitive edge over other competitors. Don’t be left behind as the agency that didn’t move forward.

4) Stop The Scroll – Featured Image

Whether you’ve posted 5 or 40 images of your listing, only one can be chosen as the Featured Photo. None of the other images matter if the potential buyer doesn’t stop the scrolling and click to see more! There’s no denying the differences between a ground level and aerial photo. With an aerial image displayed, your listing will stand out and leave people wanting more.

5) Virtual Tours – Not Slideshow Images

Traditionally, when you go to any agencies featured listings, they have a button that says, “Virtual Tour!” In reality, this tour is nothing more than the images clipped together in a display similar to an 8th grade slideshow presentation. It’s time to enhance your tours! With aerial virtual tours, you can display beautiful, seamless sweeping views from the front of the neighborhood to the front door of the home listed! Perhaps you’re selling a large land lot, imagine providing potential buyers with an aerial view similar to what they would see if they flew over the lot themselves.

Video Virtual Tours are the newest way drones are transforming the Real Estate Industry. Don’t find yourself left behind with basic slideshow images.

Here at CB Drones, we not only offer exterior photos, videos and virtual tours; we also offer the same for interiors! We would love the opportunity to work with you and your team to provide aerial, exterior and interior photos and videos.

Give us a call to set up a free demo today!

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