Passionate. Innovative. Simplistic.

Here at CB Drones, we combine traditional photography with drone technology to create more than just photos and videos;

we provide an experience! 

And we want that experience to be available and affordable for everyone to enjoy.  Being a family owned business, we love helping other small businesses and families utilize drone technology at a price that's both reasonable and fair! 

The future is now.

Let's experience it together!


Codey and Fonda have been married for 9 years and have two daughters, Mckenna, 8 and Axana, 2.  They currently reside in Athens, Ga and are passionate about providing simplistic solutions for both businesses and individuals at prices that are fair and reasonable! They enjoy homeschooling their children, meeting new people and capturing the best of life's memories at elevated heights! 

With over 8 years in the residential and commercial construction industry Codey has all the credentials needed to ensure you get high quality results!  He is a licensed and registered FAA Drone UAS Pilot. 

"Anyone can fly a drone over your house, but not everyone knows what to look for." 

CB Drones is more than just a profession to us!  We're passionate about exploring the world around us and have built a life around doing just that! 

Some people want to teach their kids to drive, we can't wait to teach ours to fly!

From management, accounting, and even home-schooling,  Fonda offers a diverse set of skills to help guarantee you the best results at a reasonable price! 

"After years of accounting, I understand how significant each dollar is to the bottom line!" 

 Athens, GA  30607 | | Tel: 770-255-8696
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Official photographer for Five Points Living Magazine.  A publication by N2 Publishing.